house for rent , villas for rent and Angeles Pampanga hotel

Welcome to the Villas of the Enclave A subsidiary of northern American style villas located in Ange...

  • Angeles Hotel | The Grand House Enclave

  • Pampanga Hotel | De Luxe Enclave

  • house for rent , villas for rent and Angeles Pampanga hotel

house for rent, Rent a Villa, Homes for rent

  • Rent a Villa, Homes for Rent, House to Rent

    Welcome to Enclave Getaway and Events Place


    Word “Enclave” evolved from the Latin word “clavis”, which means “key”. In Angeles City, there lies a key – a key to a perfect getaway place that offers a tranquil escape from the hassles of urban demands. Like when Alice used the golden key to unlock the doors of Wonderland, the Enclave is a golden key to a gated paradise, which offers a wonderland of experiences to those who decide to unlock it.

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House for rent, Rent a Villa, Homes for rent in pampanga

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0 #1 michelle patricio 2013-11-21 13:19
hi i want to inquire if there's an available villa for feb 21-23, 2014? for atleast 4 adults and 1 child thanks

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