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    Welcome to Enclave Getaway and Events Place


    Word “Enclave” evolved from the Latin word “clavis”, which means “key”. In Angeles City, there lies a key – a key to a perfect getaway place that offers a tranquil escape from the hassles of urban demands. Like when Alice used the golden key to unlock the doors of Wonderland, the Enclave is a golden key to a gated paradise, which offers a wonderland of experiences to those who decide to unlock it.

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House for rent, Rent a Villa, Homes for rent in pampanga

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013 16:39

Rent a Villa or a Pampanga Hotel

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The Enclave has the facilities to cater to all kinds of events, whatever their size and duration. The enclave is well prepared to host corporate team buildings, meetings, seminars, debuts, birthdays, reunions, - you name it. The Enclave is always eager to welcome guests. Companies and celebrators will find Enclave’s amenities complete and suitable for whatever needs they have. These facilities ensure that there will never be a dull moment while inside.

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